Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hair and Nails

For Gloria's special time this week we played beauty shop. She got her hair put up in a half french braid. Then we painted her toe nails red and her finger nails pink. She wanted to have her left hand and foot red and the right side pink, but I convinced her that it would look prettier this way.

She wouldn't take out the french braid for two days! Today she finally took it out, and I have to say it looked mighty cute with the waves that were left. I already wonder if she's not developing a fan club. The other day when the girls were sick one of the neighborhood boys, Garreth, knocked on the door and asked if she could come out and play. Just her, not Danya. Hmm... Maybe it's because she chases him, screaming like a happy banshee, when he rides his bike? She has such a bright, outgoing personality! She reminds me alot of her Aunt Toni.

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