Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Home School Supply Store

We were looking for a good school supply store locally the other day and found the 'mother load'! It's the Banks School Supply warehouse and it has more than we could ever imagine. We may have gone a little nuts, but it sure was fun!

We bought two chairs which had to be returned because they were two tall for their desks. We also got each of the girls a 4-in-1 easel. It's a dry erase board, magnet board, felt board, and an art easel that holds a big roll of paper that pulls out through the top and clips to the front. It also has a shelf with paint cups in it. Then we got them a balance scale with weights, math base ten cubes and rods, and a few other odds and ends.

They've already been playing with it all and they don't even realize that some of it isn't a toy. Gloria even requested that we 'play' with the balance scale measuring her toys and figuring out how many grams each of them weighs for her special time last night. Tuesday she and I played games with the new bean bags we got them. I wrote math and spelling questions mixed with silly motions like hopping on one foot onto small paper plates and had her toss the bags onto them. Then she did what the plates said and got a piece of candy for each correct answer. We also played Simon Says with them.

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