Thursday, October 26, 2006

One Fine Day

Have you ever seen the movie "One Fine Day" with Michelle Pfeiffer and George Clooney? Today reminded me of that movie. In the movie their day is frantic and everything seems to be going wrong, but in the end it all turns out good, but is over too soon.

We've been having a series of unfortunate events around here lately. Kevin's misdiagnosis, Gloria tripping twice in one day and badly scraping her knees, getting locked out of the doctor's office (long story). Today though, we had one bright moment of family time that just seemed to make everything else okay.

We had a heavy snowfall today. Apparently it made the news because my brother emailed me about it and Daniel's mom called to see "how we were making out in the snow" (Daniel said that sounded fun but cold, lol!). Kevin loved the snow and the cold. Every time we tried to bring him back inside he would cry. Daniel and I helped the girls make a big snowman. We all froze our fingers because none of us have very good gloves, but it was so much fun! We even used a real carrot for his nose. You can see him in this picture. Gloria is smiling as best she can despite desperately having to go potty and refusing to admit it. It was a good day, even though for our poor snowman it ended badly. When the neighborhood kids got home from school they stomped him to death.

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