Friday, October 13, 2006

The "Meat & Potatoes" of Homeschooling

We've been attempting to incorporate a little more "home" into our homeschooling lately. So the other day Danya got to help make meat loaf and Gloria got to help with the scalloped potatoes. No, it's not from scratch...nothing in this house ever is really. Gloria did get to see how the butter was divided into fractions and cut two tablespoons worth. Danya also gets to measure the water for hot cocoa.

Besides food, the girls have also been required to pitch in with housework a bit more. We filled a bag with little slips of paper, each one with a chore written on it. We each drew one, then had one minute to trade if we wanted to, and then ran to get the jobs done. Gloria washed the bathroom mirrors and made the beds. Danya swept the kitchen floor and took out the bathroom trash. Then they each took their little brooms we got for them at the school supply store and they picked a bathroom each to sweep.

It's still a struggle with them sometimes. I can send them to clean their room or the mess they made in the homeschool area and an hour later nothing will be done. They swear they can't do it without my help, but if we impose a time limit and a penalty it tends to get done quickly. I've been trying to get them to clear the table. So far all they'll do is throw away their dishes and leave the rest. I guess Daniel and I need to get a routine to better help them learn one.

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