Thursday, October 26, 2006

Car Seat Upgrade

We finally got Kevin a new car seat. He was rapidly outgrowing his old one which only goes up to 20 lbs. He is just over 18 lbs. now and was so squashed when we would buckle him into his old one. This one is rear facing up to about 35 lbs. and forward facing up to 80 lbs! So hopefully we won't need to buy him a booster like we did with the girls.

The first time we put him in it he seemed like he was trying to sit up and wouldn't lean back. We thought maybe he didn't like the carseat. Later that day we noticed that the straps seemed to be pulling against him too low. Sure enough, when we checked, we had forgotten to raise the straps to the next notch. This car seat is designed to hold a baby as little as 5 lbs. and that was what we had it set for! Poor Kevin was getting pulled down and it was forcing him to hunch forward! We've got it fixed now and he's nice and comfy.

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