Thursday, October 26, 2006

Come Blow Your Horn!

The girls had so much fun with my trombone during my highschool band reunion, that we knew they would enjoy having an instrument of their own. We were intrigued by the seemingly inexpensive instruments at Target, but after reading reviews and receiving advice we decided to buy a better trumpet online from

We let it be a surprise. The girls were confused by the strange packages we got in the mail. First we received an electronic tuner. Then a trumpet stand, which they had no idea what it was. Finally the trumpet arrived and they were ecstatic! They ask to play it almost every day. We got a video and a book on how to hold it, clean it, and play it. So far the girls can stand properly and play the notes C,D, and E. Their hands need to grow a little before they can hold it exactly right. Danya is learning to read music at her Charter school on Tuesdays, so I think this ties in nicely. We make them practice outside most days since Kevin doesn't tolerate loud noises well.

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