Monday, October 02, 2006

Harvest Fest Parade

Even though the Alumni didn't get to play in the Harvest Fest parade, we still attended. It was a beautiful day (high of 92!) and we all enjoyed walking around looking at the different booths.

The kids climbed through a giant inflated caterpillar, jumped on the Jupiter Jump, and scaled the inflated rock wall. They also got free balloons and popcorn. When the parade started they ran out catching and picking up candy as it was tossed from the floats. A few times we thought they were going to get squashed by a float or vehicle. Grandma made them stay close to her when the horses passed because she was afraid they'd get kicked. There was a wild rush of kids to the Piggly Wiggly float when they handed out apples. We gave the kids two dollars in quarters each to spend, but they were so busy having fun that they didn't get around to spending it. Oh well! It was a good parade!

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