Sunday, October 15, 2006

Grace Community Church

We've been checking out new churches for the past several weeks. We think we've found one that we like. So today we went back to Grace Community Church. It's a small church, 95% young families and tons of homeschoolers. Danya has already found 3 kids that attend this church out of the 7 kids in her little charter school class.

We invited our neighbors across the courtyard from us to go to church with us. They said yes, but then weren't home today. Their Dad has been in the hospital and he came home this morning. I'd say that's a pretty great reason to miss church.

Gloria tried to explain what she learned in church today and we all got mixed up thinking she said Cain when she was trying to tell us about Canaan. Speaking of grammatical and spelling errors, my sister Toni is encouraging me to offer my services at the local college as a proof reader for students. Daniel and I are considering all the details and may jump into this as a good small home business opportunity. Maybe my annoying habit of correcting my friends' pronunciation will finally pay off!

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