Thursday, October 19, 2006

Midnight Madness

In this photo you see our young neighbor, Brandon, and his dog, Midnight. I hate this dog. I've had dogs I disliked before, but I truly hate this dog. It has been a problem ever since we moved in. It's constantly off it's leash terrorizing my kids. The other day it bit Gloria on the toe and then bit it's owner, Brandon, on the nose. I called animal control at the advice of our apartment office. The officer informed me that I pretty much couldn't do anything unless there was a bloody hole in one of my kids. Brandon said he would keep the dog inside his house or on its leash.

That was a couple of weeks ago. Since then Midnight has been off his leash every day multiple times a day. He has also chased Gloria all over the yard and jumped up on me when I was holding Kevin. The neighbor's response? Tell Gloria not to run because it makes the dog want to chase her.

Today was the last straw. I heard screaming outside and opened the door as the girls were frantically trying to turn the knob. Their hands were slipping off it because they were wearing wet gloves. The dog was on our porch jumping up and down and barking at them. Brandon's dad, Steve, took the dog back to his house and was rude to me when I complained about the dog. So I went straight to the office and demanded they do something. They said they are giving the owners three business days to get rid of the dog or face eviction. I'm so happy I could cry. By Wednesday the daily dog terror should be over.


Chelsea said...

I was bit by a neighbors dog when I was young. I am still afraid of dogs today. Good for you for doing something about that dog and hopefully keeping your girls from having dog issues.

Karen said...

Gosh I sure hope the dog gets a new home. Your kids should not have to worry about a dog every time they go outside. I had a niece who was killed by a dog last year & since I don't trust any dog. Prayers for your kids to be safe.