Friday, October 13, 2006

Sick or Not Sick?

We're confused. Yesterday Kevin broke out in tiny red spots all over his body. We figured it was a reaction to the Amoxicillin prescribed to him for his ear infection. So we called the Urgent Care place and told them about it. The doctor called us in a different kind of antibiotic. Today his eyes were watery and red and he seemed more miserable than before.

We called our insurance and found a different pediatrician to take him to (one that could see us now instead of a month from now). We only got to see the PA, but he said that Kevin's ears looked absolutely perfect. He said the bumps aren't a reaction to the medicine (which he didn't need anyway), but just an after effect of a viral infection. He says they will go away within a day or so and to stop giving him any medicine except the Ibuprofrin if he still seems fussy because he does NOT have an ear infection at all.

I'm not sure if he's right or not. Kevin has been pulling and scratching at his right ear. I wonder if maybe he did have an ear infection, mild though, and it cleared up. I know we've been praying for his healing, so maybe that explains it. It's frustrating and worrying when the medical people don't agree. We're going to stop giving him the antibiotics and hope for the best. I'm mad that we might have wasted so much money on them if he never did have an ear infection at all!

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