Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I'll Miss This

We went out to dinner with our good friends, the Millers, last Thursday at Fuddruckers. The food costs too much, but they have an indoor play area for kids.

When we move, this is what I'll miss the most. In all the years that Daniel and I have been married we've never managed to make such a perfect friendship before. The Millers just fell into our lives last year and friendship was almost instantaneous.

I love having Betsy for a friend, a confidant, a fellow homeschooler, and advisor. The girls are ecstatic to see each other every time we get together; throwing their arms around each other and squealing with delight. Daniel bonded with Mike and for the first time has a friend to share all his favorite things: video games, raquetball, and his faith.

More than anything I'm hoping and praying that we will not only manage to maintain a long distance friendship with the Millers but also develop a similar relationship with another family in Colorado.

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