Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Monkeys and Butterflies

Today was a crazy busy day! This morning we woke up late. It was 8:30 am when I opened my eyes and we had the painter/contractor and our realtor coming to the house at 9am!! We had to go over the insane list of things the buyers want us to fix on our house...including a few nonexistant things like a leaky faucet. (We just had a plumber out here, and our faucets don't leak.)

Then we made a mad dash to Tulsa to the J.C. Penny portrait studio to get family photos taken. They came out really great despite Daniel and I deciding at the last minute to get in the photos, too. We realized, belatedly, that we didn't have a single portrait of our whole family yet and Kevin is almost 2 months old.

After that we grabbed lunch and dropped Gloria off (late) at pre-school. When we got home Danya and I worked on her homeschool work. We got everything done except the letter to Grandpa Richie I've been meaning to have her write. Then we picked Gloria up from school and took the kids to the zoo. Kevin pretty much cried the entire time. The girls enjoyed "Wings of Wonder" the butterfly exhibit. We've never seen that before, so it was a novelty. I didn't think there were nearly enough butterflies in there. It was just too hot outside so we only stayed an hour. So Kevin's first trip to the zoo was sort of a whirlwind tour. We got some cute pictures, though!

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