Monday, August 28, 2006

Kevin A La Carte!

We finally got the pictures from the photo shoot with my friend, Stephanie. Here is one of the best ones. Kevin is asleep in a wooden bowl. My very favorite one is of Kevin sleeping in the lap of our giant bear. I think I'll have to take one of him like that each month to see him grow. I might even take a picture of the girls with the bear, too.

The thing I like best about the pictures she took is all the little props. This bowl looks really good on my coffee table. We had professional photos taken at JC Penny's the other day. They didn't use props, but their pictures just have a very different look. I'm thinking about investing in one of those little kits that come with a black backdrop and a stand to hang it on. I'd also like to get one of those camera attachments that allows you to push the button remotely on your camera so that the photographer can be in the picture, too.

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Anonymous said...

That is absolutely a gorgeous picture!! How precious can you get. I want to see the teddy bear one. Awesome job. Good luck on the move. Jennie