Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Our House Online

This is a link to the Coldwell Banker listing for our house:
Our House

Apparently, it's a hot commodity! We got an offer on it this morning. They want to close by the end of August. This afternoon two other people looked at our house and they are writing their offers up tonight! How crazy is that?! In just one day we went from thinking that maybe the house will sell by the end of the month, to having to come up with a place to live for a few weeks between our house closing and an apartment becoming available in Colorado. Thankfully, Daniel's parents said that we could move in with them temporarily!

We painted the shed door and had bought a new sink for the master bathroom. It looks like we can return the sink since we hadn't installed it yet. Everyone seems to like the house just the way it is! Tomorrow we will decide which buyer's offer we'll go with and then we just have to hope that the inspection goes well. Colorado here we come!

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