Friday, August 25, 2006

Statue Hunting

These little kid statues are all over our town. We've been enjoying them for about a year now ever since they started appearing. This one, of the the boy reading, is outside the public library.

On our list of things to do before we move, we've included hunting for statues. We want to take a picture of each of the statues around town. The girls are excited about it. The problem is trying to find time to do it. So far we've taken only this one photo.

The closing date on our house has been pushed back to September 6th, so we may actually have enough time to go on our great statue hunt now. It's been causing some extra work, though. Today we had to cancel the U-haul we had reserved and call all the utility companies and tell them not to disconnect our services for another week. I'm hoping that an apartment will open up the first week of September and we will be able to go straight to Denver without having to move twice; once to Grandma Nancy's and then again a few weeks later.

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