Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Rocky Road

On the way to Denver we had to stop every 3 hours to feed Kevin (sooner if he was wailing his lungs out). We visited several interesting gas stations along the side of the road. It worked out well, because it gave the girls a chance to get out of the van and stretch their legs.

At this particular stop they enjoyed collecting rocks of different colors. I only let them keep one, but we took pictures of the others. I hope and pray that they will stay this easy to entertain for a long time to come!

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Michelle said...

I found your blog on blogspot.com and have passed it on to my friends who have been thinking of homeschooling their kids. Anyway, my husband and I moved from Omaha, NE to Denver last year and we LOVE it here. Just thought you'd like to know it is a great place to live. My husband works in downtown Denver, but we live in Westminster. Good luck with your move!