Thursday, August 10, 2006

A Duck Story

This picture was taken by Daniel's younger sister, Jennie. I've copied and pasted the photo and her description of what happened straight from the email she sent us:

Matt and I rescued baby duckies last week. I kept hearing lots of peeping so I followed it and there were a bunch of baby ducks lost under the stairs w/ no mommy so Matt and I went and found a mommy duck with a couple babies and gently chased her to the apartment entrance with her babies. She started talking to the lost ducks and then they followed her out and they all went swimming in the pond. I thought the girls might like that one.

Then that night I was doing laundry and I kept hearing this peeping but it was dark and I couldn't find it. I was afraid that the duck had fallen in the grate since that's happened before, so I kept looking and went back several times. finally, as I was crawling in the grass i found a baby duck tucked away under the weeds (it's brother was in the grate but we'll skip that story). There were no ducks any where so I wrapped him in a towel and tried to feed it. It was brand new still wet and slimy from just hatching. I dried him off but it wouldn't eat so I went hiking and found some ducks they wouldn't let me get close so I fed them and they came up and surrounded the baby. Thus I saved another one. (hopefully). That's my duck story.

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