Monday, August 21, 2006

First Stroller Ride

The weather was finally cool enough to take Kevin out in the stroller this week. We only took a short trip around the block because it was still 92 degrees. Daniel found the Snoopy stroller in the garage. He let the girls push Kevin in it around the house while I went out for a little while.

I can't tell you how badly I needed a break! It's tough feeling like a 24 hour daycare. On the days that Daniel works he sleeps most of the day and works all night so I'm up all night with Kevin, homeschooling Danya, and driving Gloria to school and back without him. I don't know how single parents do it!

When I got home from shopping I was feeling much more relaxed. I took one look at the stroller (which I've been trying to find for a week now) and announced we were all going for a walk! We took turns pushing Kevin down the street. He really likes his stroller! The girls loved getting to push it all by themselves.

I was feeling sad thinking how we might never take another walk around this neighborhood again. I was remembering how we used to push Gloria in a stroller around this same block; how we'd carry the girls around and let them touch the different kinds of leaves on the trees. I remember each place where they fell and scraped their knees on the sidewalk. Today Daniel and I realized that we both moved into new homes when we were six. Now Danya is six and moving into a new home. I wonder where we'll be when Kevin is six?

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