Thursday, August 17, 2006

Off to School

Gloria started her first day of pre-K today. That's strange to say since we did a whole year of homeschool pre-K last year with her. She had fun, got to wear new "school clothes", and of course the obligatory back pack. It was fun to take school pictures. We took back to school pictures of Danya, too, for our first complete day back to homeschooling since Kevin was born. Up until now we've been doing very light work and sort of sporadically. That's the good thing about schooling year round. You have a very flexible schedule that way.

Gloria enjoyed her first day. It was a mad house dropping her off, and I was a few minutes late picking her up because I took too long nursing Kevin. She says they painted a bird, colored their names, and sang "Father Abraham". That's one of the good things about a pre-K program not affiliated with the public school. They aren't afraid of religious songs and holidays.

While Glory was gone, Danya and I got alot accomplished. I posted her dictation describing what she learned in history today below this post. When Gloria got home she and I did some extra school work. She read out loud and we did some hand writing practice. Honestly, this two weeks of pre-K she'll be doing feels more like play time. The real work happens at home. But I'm glad she gets to go for a while. It's a good break from the stress of moving and a new baby at home.

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