Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Home Repairs

Oh, the million little things that need to be repaired around a home that you never get around to until it's time to sell.

All last week we worked on the house to prepare it for sale. The plumber came out and fixed our leaky shower, and replaced the outside faucet that had frozen two winters ago. He says we can replace the master bathroom sink for about 50 bucks. We're hoping to avoid that.

Daniel put new tile in the master bathroom that matches the tile in the kitchen and entry way now. Our friend, Steve, helped by removing the toilet and then replacing it. We hired Steve also to build us a new shed door (in this photo), replace the box around the exterior of the fireplace, replace the trim above the garage, put new prettier paneling on the kitchen island, and install new lattice on the patio. He is an amazingly hard worker! I can't believe how fast he worked and late into the night, too.

Now we just have to see if it will sell as is, or if we'll need to pay to have everything painted.

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