Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Eye See You!

I apologize. You poor kids. How could we do it? Your Dad and I both had to go and marry someone who also had glasses. Yep, we increased your odds of needing vision correction before you were even born.

We've been talking about getting the girls' eyes checked for over a year now. That just seems like one of those things you should do when your child starts school, doesn't it? We finally decided, on a whim because we are seriously impulsive people, to see if the eye doctor took walk-in appointments. We went to Dr. Zoellner in Tulsa, which if you live here is the only sensible place to go because of their great prices.

The doctor's assistant was apparently impressed that our four year old knew all her letters because the doctor commented on it as she came in. It's sort of a requirement for checking your eyes, that you be able to read the eye chart. Turns out both our girls have 20/20 vision which means I've been right all girls DO have perfect beautiful eyes!

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