Saturday, August 05, 2006

Hopefully Home Sweet Home

We found an apartment community we really love! It's called "Willow Run" and is only 15 minutes from where Daniel will be working. Daniel and I had an agreed upon list of what we wanted in our new home.

1. Close to work
2. Nice area, with a "safe" feeling
3. Good playground and near a park
4. Near a bike trail
5. Walking distance to shopping
6. Near a library
7. Less than $1,100 per month rent
8. At least 1100 square feet
9. Inexpensive storage for our bikes
10. Pool and exercise facility available

This apartment complex has all of these things! We were willing to be flexible on a lot of the things on our list. We just kept praying, searching, and trusting that God would lead us to the perfect place. We thought we'd found the perfect house on Wednesday, but after thinking about it over night we realized that the townhome was great, but the location was terrible. So we kept looking, knowing we were running out of time. Thursday afternoon we finally found Willow Run. We explored the neighborhood and knew it was the right place. Friday morning, just before heading home to Oklahoma, we went back to Willow Run and filled out an application. So now as soon as a 3 bedroom becomes available they'll contact us and we can put a deposit down. We can't move, however, until our home sells. Here's hoping we don't wind up having to pay double rent!

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