Friday, August 11, 2006

Creating Keepsakes Convention

This year Tulsa hosted a CK Convention for the second time ever. This time I got to go! Last year I was in Florida during the convention, but Daniel and the girls went for me.

The best part was that Daniel said that I could use the money we are getting back from rebates on the laptop and some new software. So in this picture you see about $130 worth of scrapbooking products. It feels like Christmas in August! I imagine Daniel will soon say this is an early anniversary present, but I don't mind. I had a blast hunting for the kinds of products I enjoy!

I like things that are pre-made, coordinated, and elegant - not "cutesy". I also like anything that feels like a bargain. Seven of the sheets of cardstock stickers in this photo were on sale for a dollar each! Some of the page kits were only $2 each. It was such a good deal that we picked up a couple for Daniel's sister, Robin, too. So, Robin, if you actually read this you'll know in advance what you're getting for your birthday next month!


Chelsea said...

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog. I have been checking in on it pretty often for the four or five months. Since you first mentioned it at CHFweb anyway. I get so many ideas from your blog!
Anywho, congratulations on selling your house so quick! Hope everything goes well with your move!

Jess Elliott said...

That is SO encouraging! Hopefully I'll be able to post alot more homeschooling specific posts and pictures after the craziness of this move is over! It's really going to be hard not having access to high speed internet while we stay with Daniel's folks for a month. That will be one of the first things we set up when we get to Colorado! So keep checking back even though the posts will be infrequent during September!