Tuesday, August 15, 2006

House for Sale: SOLD!

HOW did I manage to forget to blog about the sale of our home??!

One week ago we received not one, but TWO offers on our house on the same day. They were both good offers, but one wanted us to completely replace our seven year old roof with a brand new top of the line roof. So we went with the other offer. Now here's the scary part. Our friend, Steve, warned us that there is some hail damage on our roof and it might become an issue in the sale of our home.

So we called our insurance, State Farm, and they are sending an inspector out tomorrow to assess the damage. Whether they agree to fix the roof, replace the whole thing, or refuse to do anything, we are still responsible for the cost if the buyers' inspector says it needs to be fixed. If our insurance company agrees to foot the bill, we are still out the $1,400 deductible. If they don't cover it, we'll have to pay the whole thing. Hopefully, it won't need to be fixed at all. Or if it does, hopefully the buyers won't back out on the contract.

The buyers have only 10 days (not business days) to secure financing for the house loan, which means they have to get an inspector out here within the next three days. If all goes well, we'll have to close by August 31st, which means be out of the house by August 30th. In the meantime we'll stay with Daniel's parents for about a month. We already took a U-Haul with about 80% of our things (everything in the garage) down to their house and unloaded it. We'll move the rest at the end of the month. Then we have to move it all again to Colorado when an apartment becomes available.

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