Friday, September 01, 2006


Daniel really pulled out all the stops this year for my 10 year anniversary gift! He wrote me a "Top 10 Reasons I Love You" list, got me a Mary Engelbreit tin of adorable cards and envelopes, and then went around town picking up gift cards and certicificates.

There was a card for dinner at Applebee's, movie rentals from Hollywood Video, and THEN he went to two local scrapbook stores. He took my punch cards and gave me gift certificates in exactly the right amounts to finish punching the cards so that I would also get $15 free from each store. Altogether it came to $95 worth of scrapbooking money, woohoo!

The day of our anniversary, August 26th, was a busy day. We went to our Sunday school class pool party so that the girls could swim. It was a chance for us to spend one more fun day with our class. We're going to miss them. They are coming to help us load the U-Haul truck tomorrow after our last day at First Baptist Owasso.

Daniel's anniversary gift from me was finally ready for pickup on Thursday, the 31st. I got him a personalized deck of cards that has a photo for each different suite. Like his Dad is on the diamonds and his mom is on the clubs (I can't actually remember which is which). It came out great and only cost $7.00! I told Daniel the price because I knew his frugal little heart would go pitter pat, lol. It's hilarious to me that the spender in our marriage(me) went cheap because I knew he'd appreciate it, and the saver (Daniel) went extravagant because he knew I'd love it. See, these are the little things that make a happy marriage!

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