Saturday, September 16, 2006

Making New Friends

I thought that when we moved here we might have to hang out at the playground for the girls to make new friends. HA! We met Rachel (in the blue shirt) the first day we arrived. That day lots of neighborhood kids close to the girls' ages just showed up and started sharing chalk with the girls and riding bikes and scooters with them on the square of sidewalk in front of our house.

So far we've met two brothers; Sean age 6 and Garreth age 10 and their sister Brittany. Also a 4 year old girl named Anna lives across from us and comes over to play almost every day. We have to tell her no after 7:30 pm because our girls are getting ready for bed while she stays up until close to midnight. Then we met Zoe (in the pink shirt in the back of the photo) at the playground.

It's actually a little overwhelming how many kids have already been stopping by almost daily! The girls are loving it! In one week they have more friends than they had in our whole neighborhood before! Grandma Nancy says that these kids might just be our mission field. I think God is definitely giving us an opportunity to be a positive influence in these kids' lives.

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