Sunday, September 10, 2006


Wayne took the tough job of driving the 26 foot truck all the way to Hays, Kansas. We took a brief stop in Wichita to visit the girls' godmother, Christina. She and her mom were running a booth at a scrapbooking craft sale. I got there as it was closing, so I only got to look at their booth and one other.

Afterwards everyone played at a school playground that was next door while I fed Kevin in the van. Danya and Gloria have just loved taking turns riding in the big truck. Grandma has lots of things for them to play with and they get to be so high above everyone. Daniel is hoping to take a turn driving the truck for a while today. We should be in Denver this afternoon, but we just found out that the Broncos have a home game today so traffic and finding a hotel may be harder than we thought. Tomorrow we get the keys to our new home!

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