Tuesday, September 05, 2006


We're finally at Daniel's parents' house in Ripley. Sunday morning we packed like crazy until the guys from our Sunday school class came over after church and helped us load the truck. I'll add a photo later when I have access to a faster internet connection. Daniel got injured almost immediately. His hands got smashed between the dolly and the computer cabinet. The scraped and gouged skin looked awful and bled alot, but he just washed it off frequently and kept on loading the truck.

They had the whole house packed in an hour and a half! Then we drove to Ripley and Daniel and his dad unloaded everything into the den. Our friend, Eric, came over and helped, too. Since the girls' godmother, Christina, was in town with her two kids, we went out to eat at IHOP with them and Eric and Glenda and their three kids. Daniel's folks came, too, so we had 7 adults and 8 kids. Yes, it was a madhouse.

On Monday Daniel and I drove back home and got the last few things out of the house and cleaned it up. Today we put a hold on our mail and transferred our subscriptions to Ripley temporarily. Tomorrow we close on the house and take Kevin for his 2 month check up. Thursday we are having an early birthday party for Gloria so that family and friends can attend. Saturday we are packing up another truck and heading to Denver. Monday we get the keys and move in. I'll update when I can and will hopefully get internet service hooked up quickly once we get to our new place. Stay tuned! (same 'bat time', same 'bat channel')

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