Friday, September 01, 2006

Painting the House

This is the painter, David. He's been working on our house for about a week now in between bouts of rain. He replaced all the wood rot with new wood and has been painting with the new colors we picked out. He couldn't match the old color because it was a weird 80's peach that would have looked worse if it was new. Does that make sense?

Now it's off white with a tan trim. He still hasn't painted the back patio lattice, and we're a little worried that he might not think he's supposed to. He's saying now that he won't get done until next week. We close on Wednesday so he better hurry!

Some hispanic people in a pickup truck were in our driveway when I came home today. They said hi and then left. I wonder, were they just turning around in our driveway, or are they the buyers? The buyers for our house got loan approval today! That's a giant relief! We also were notified today that our first choice of apartments, "Willow Run" doesn't have any openings. So we put our application in with our second choice, "Sunset Ridge", and they have an available 3 bedroom that we can move into on Sept. 11th. Okay, so it's not an auspicious day, but at least we don't have to wait a whole month!

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