Saturday, September 16, 2006

Mattress Trouble

We decided to say goodbye to our old mattress and buy a new one when we got to Denver. We got a new mattress and box spring and a new mattress for the new bed we bought Gloria. Hers is the kind with the drawers built in, so it didn't need a boxspring.

The problem began after the guys got the mattress upstairs to our new bedroom. They couldn't get the box spring up the stairs. It was just too awkward of an angle. They tried everything they could think of. I finally asked for help at the office. The manager brought her son over to help us. He couldn't figure it out either, but by now there were gouges in two walls and one had a big hole punched in it, all caused by trying to shove the box spring upstairs.

I suggested they flip the thing over and try it that way, but the guys said that wouldn't work...until the maintenance man came in and said the same thing. Sure enough, that fixed it and it went right up there. At least we had a bed finally! (and I get to tease Daniel mercilessly!)

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david said...

In the past I have tried flipping my mattressesbut had not success, so in the end I decided just to buy a new one.