Friday, September 01, 2006

Tales From the Dark Side

We left our Sunday school class pool party when we saw lightening striking in the distance. When we got home we discovered that the power was out on our side of the street. Daniel hurriedly went out and bought flash lights while it was still somewhat light outside. The girls loved having their own flashlights to take to bed.

The power was back on by Kevin's last feeding of the night. I liked reading by flashlight so much, that I just kept on using the flashlight that night every time I had to feed him. I've gotten a lot of books read lately by reading during his meal times. Then again, what else is there to do? On the nights that Daniel works I call him and talk to him while Kevin's nursing. It keeps me awake and helps the time to pass quickly. Also, Daniel is good about reminding me to hang up and switch sides at the half way point. I wonder if I should put things like that in Kevin's scrapbook? Or is that TMI?

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