Saturday, September 02, 2006

Kevin at 2 months

Kevin is 8 weeks old and weighs 16 pounds! I call him my "Chunky Monkey". Lifting him in his car seat is a workout in itself! His hair seems to have stopped falling out. Now he has just a fine fuzz like a soft buzz cut all over. I think his eyes may stay dark blue after all.

He can push with his toes and slide himself when he's on his back on the changing table. He can push up with his hands some. He can thrust himself backwards out of my arms. He will smile back at me when I smile at him, although sometimes it's just a warning that he is about to puke. He can also whack his toys that dangle above him on his swing seat and the one that I clip to the handle of his car seat. He likes it when we applaud and say, "Yeah, Kevin! You got it!" He'll also lay for a long time in his bassinet and coo up at his mobile while it spins and plays classical music.

He's a good baby and sleeps fairly well at night. He likes to sleep on Daniel during the day. He'll lay draped over Daniel's chest and stuff his face into Daniel's armpit. I don't know how he breathes like that! He babbles all day long. I love it when he makes a noise that sounds like "ma ma". I always say, "See! I'm finally going to have a child that says 'mama' before 'dada'!" Daniel thinks he might get teeth early, too. He's always drooling and sucking on everything in sight. I need to hurry up and make a two month sign to have him hold.

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