Saturday, September 02, 2006

Jennie Junior

For some reason this picture of Danya makes me think of her Aunt Jennie, Daniel's little sister. I've scrapbooked alot, though by no means all, of Daniel's childhood photos and Jennie always looks stylish in the pictures that include her. Jennie is my beautiful sister-in-law who has been known to make her own camo dresses to wear to church and invent original purse designs and even was part of the movement that experimented with leg warmers over stretch pants (Aaaahhh!!!)

I think she missed her calling in the fashion industry. She is the only person I know who can wear cargo pants and actually make them look good. Danya is clearly cut from the same cloth. She always asks me if her outfit matches. She loves to accessorize. When I couldn't find a hairbow for her yesterday because we had packed all her things already, she dug through her dress up clothes and came out wearing a white bow attached to elastic that was part of a puppy dog costume. She wore it like a headband and looked adorable.

Her absolute favorite place to go is the mall. Whenever we say we're going to Tulsa she jumps up and down asking if we're going to the mall. She must just love the atmosphere because we almost never buy her anything there other than an occasional meal in the food court. Yes, Danya is my fashion diva, and she's training her sister to follow in her footsteps. It's funny now to remember asking God when I was pregnant with Danya, "Lord, how can I raise a girl?! You know I don't like to wear dresses or makeup. Who will teach her to be feminine?" Clearly, Danya arrived with no instructions necessary!

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