Saturday, September 23, 2006

Getting Settled

There is so much involved in a move, it feels like we'll never get it all done! This week we finished assembling the new storage cabinets and book shelves. We also found a good bank. We spent a few hours (yes, hours!) getting paper work filled out and setting things up to get debit cards, checks, direct deposit, and making the girls' godmother our beneficiary. What an awful thought, to have to decide who will claim our money, insurance, and property if we should both die at the same time. I'm so glad that we have friends that we can trust to handle everything and take care of our kids. This week we plan to go buy some software to make our will, since we've been neglecting that important step.

We also need to change our insurance to a local State Farm and get new driver's licences and plates for the van. We have to forward our subscriptions and change doctors. The list goes on. Where does it end?!?

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