Thursday, September 28, 2006

The New Library

We finally found the local library here in Westminster! It's really big and has a giant playground beside it. The librarian helped Danya find an entire section of "Cam Jansen" mysteries that she hadn't read before. She's been reading them non-stop since we got home.

Gloria got a few beginner reader books. We got Kevin some Usborne books that he can feel, like "That's not my puppy!" (in Spanish). The dogs have fur and paws and ears that you can feel with different textures.

You can see the books I checked out in this photo. I love reading books about homeschooling. I think you can always learn something new. Their section on homeschooling in this library was great, much bigger than the one in Owasso, but the librarian apologized to me for the small selection and said that their sister library at a college a few blocks away has a much larger selection. Whoo hoo!

Daniel found the new Terrby Brooks book. I've read some of his other books and liked them. This one sounds kind of 'dark', but I'm going to try to read it this weekend.

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