Saturday, September 23, 2006

First Day at the Charter School

Danya went to her first day at the homeschool program provided by the Woodrow Wilson Academy charter school last Tuesday. She really liked it and has been counting down the days until next Tuesday. She was excited to get to pack a lunch. Gloria was feeling left out so we got her a lunchbox, too. They are on sale at Target right now for about $2 each. I took Gloria to the apartment playground and we had lunch there. We called it recess so she would feel like she was doing something special just like Danya.

Danya liked the music class. She said she got to sing them her favorite song. She asked me if it was okay that she sang a song about God since public schools aren't allowed to do that. I told her that the students can sing any song they like, it's just the teachers that can't.

She also learned part of the Spanish alphabet which is something I hadn't planned to introduce to the girls yet, so that was good. I'm really hoping that this school covers things that we don't at home. She brought home leaves glued to a piece of paper for science class, which is something she's done plenty of times before, so I hope that class gets a little more interesting for her. Danya also said she was embarrassed in drama class because she had to say her name and then do a motion. I told her that she was learning to be confidant in public and that it was just like the way we practice reciting poems at home. When reciting she has to stand up in front of her Dad or me, look us in the eye, and speak the words clearly and confidantly without fidgeting. Hopefully she'll be so used to this by the end of her school years that she will be an excellent public speaker.

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