Saturday, September 16, 2006

The Elliotts in 3D!

We're here! Our apartment number is 3D, a fact which Daniel just loves. We hadn't actually seen our house until we arrived. It's a three bedroom, one and a half bath, townhome with a basement. I really like it. It feels like a home, not an apartment. Outside is a different story, though.

The sidewalk makes a square around some bushes right in front of our house. All the neighbors' homes face toward the square and they all like to sit out on their porches. So everyone just sits and looks at each other. Also, they let their kids play out there til all hours of the night. Worst of all, they chain their dogs out front on long chains so that you can't go down the sidwalk without having to go around their dogs.

The house is great, though. I love having an upstairs room. All the bedrooms are upstairs. My room faces the front of the house which has a view all the way down to the pool. The dining area is bigger than our old one. The basement is fantastic. Once I get it finished I'll take a photo and blog about it. We are calling it the "Activity Room". Danya named it. The 21 x 25 square foot basement will be used for homeschooling, a play area, scrapbooking, and of course laundry and storage. It really is a neat home!

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