Saturday, September 16, 2006

Woodrow Wilson Academy

We found out about the homeschooling program offered by The Woodrow Wilson Academy when we were researching homeschooling groups online before the move. It's a charter school that offers a one day a week program for homeschoolers practically free. It's $30 for the whole year!

On Wednesday we signed Danya up. Every Tuesday she will go to the Family in Christ church (which hosts the WWA homeschool program) about five miles from our home. She'll be taking Art, Music, Science Lab, Spanish, Creative Writing, and Drama classes. This picture is of Danya in front of the actual charter school, not the church.

The program is for 1st through 6th graders. The sad thing is that even if Danya really likes the program and we like it, too, Gloria misses the age cut off by 27 days. So she wouldn't be old enough to enroll until the year after next. Who knows if we will be here that long. I'm looking forward, though, to spending time with her homeschooling together while Danya is at her extracurricular classes. I think she'll like being the center of attention.

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