Monday, March 03, 2008

AWANA Grand Prix

The three oldest girls, Kevin, and Daniel all went to the AWANA race car derby on Saturday morning. They had fun racing their cars and cheering for friends. Danya discovered that her car actually went faster backwards! At the end all the kids got participation ribbons. Penny isn't in this photo because she was too busy crying her eyes out over not winning a trophy.

Then in an odd twist it turned out that there was a mixup. Her car somehow got registered in the computer as an adult entry listed under the name "Spain". When they got it straightened out they caught Daniel just as he and the kids were leaving and told him that Penny actually won first place for her division. So she will be getting a trophy after all. The girls got to name their race cars. Danya named hers "Flamer Fast", Gloria named her car appropriately "Subway", and Penny dubbed hers "Kitty Wins-a-Lot".

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