Saturday, March 15, 2008

Where do you go to school?

Today Latte got to see her big 15 year old sister for the first time in over a year. Her sister, who I will call "Sky" because if she keeps growing at the same rate she will be as tall as a skyscraper, had some photos that I'd taken on Valentine's Day and given to their mom. She thought they were school photos.

Sky kept asking Latte if she went to school and what she was learning in school. I tried to explain that Latte isn't old enough for school because she's only three. Sky was shocked that I didn't have her in a preschool already. So I started to explain that we homeschool, so Latte's learning along with the other kids in our home for now but Sky just wasn't getting the concept.

I'm actually happy with the progress that Latte is making. She can spell her name and is learning to write it. She's also learning to spell the colors using the same "color songs" that Danya and Gloria learned years ago. Mostly we just read to her a lot and include her in the crafts that we do. The girls all made sunflower masks the other day and put on a flower play that Danya and Gloria thought up. They were so cute! Latte is so smart. I know she'll do well when she finally does enter school. If she goes home this Summer like we think she will, then she may even start a four year old program this Fall. She'll definitely be prepared.

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