Saturday, March 15, 2008

Ceramic Artists

We picked up these little ceramic flower pot kits at Walmart the other day in the clearance section of the craft department. Gloria's had a butterfly design and Danya's was a My Little Pony knockoff. They both loved them. Now that they are painted and dry we can move on to step two. They came with materials to grown wheat grass in them. I figure since Gloria is studying plants and animals this year in science it can count for a homeschooling project. It does sound a little boring, though. "What did you do in science this week, Gloria?" "I watched grass grow."

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Anonymous said...

Wheat grass is really really good for you. We have stores her like smoothie shops but it's all for wheat grass shots. Tried it once. I guess if I felt I was dying I could choke it down daily but it's an idea for you. Grow it, juice it, drink it, mmmmm yummy. I just love reading you blog by the way. I love seeing "my girls" grow up to be such smart independent females. Proud of you.