Sunday, March 30, 2008

Life Fellowship Men's Retreat 2008

At the YMCA of the Rockies there was a time for learning God's word.
A time for sharing life stories in small groups.
A time for fun and games.
A time for exploring the wonder of God's creation.
A time for food and friendship.
The guys made mouth-watering 16 oz steaks, couldn't find the silverware, discussed "true manliness" as opposed to stupid brute strength like Samson had, listened to amazing life testimonies, and got to know each other in a way that you can't in the couple of minutes that they say hello at church each week.

The only scary part of the trip was when Ron and Daniel were coming home. A bolt came out of the right front brakes on Ron's truck. Thankfully, God heard our repeated prayers for the guys' safety. They were okay and even close to a place to get the breaks fixed while they had lunch. Ron said he was glad they didn't create two new widows. I'm still feeling sick just thinking about it. God is good and His mercies unending.

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