Sunday, March 23, 2008

Windy Walk

Friday was the first day of Spring Break for Penny. We celebrated by taking a family walk to enjoy the nice weather. The wind was much stronger than we thought, so we found ourselves struggling to push the stroller and pull the wagon into the wind.

Within a couple of blocks none of the kids wanted to walk. We made them take turns riding, except for Kevin who gets an automatic pass due to extremely short little legs. On the way home Bunny and Latte took turns sitting in the basket under our big stroller. They thought that was hilarious. Then Danya rode in the stroller with Penny on her lap. I'm pretty sure we were exceeding the weight limit on that thing. Daniel and I are debating purchasing another wagon so that three kids can ride in each wagon. Of course, if we get any more foster children then we'll be back to square one with not enough seating. And there's the issue of wether or not I'm actually strong enough to pull three kids weighing almost 150 lbs combined in a wagon. You know, minor details.

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