Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sharing the Wealth

We had a TON of extra potatos at the food bank pickup this month. About half of them were rotten, but someone had to take them because we couldn't just leave them at the fairgrounds. So Daniel and I ended up bringing home a ridiculous amount of potatos.

Daniel sorted through them on our front yard walkway, throwing the rotten ones into the garbage cans. Then he hosed off the remainder and we all boxed them up. We've been giving them away by the bagful to anyone who will take them. We gave some to our neighbors on either side of us, we're going to deliver some to the scrapbook store owner, Wendy, and we gave a couple of bags away to two homeschooling friends of ours. I meant to send some home with Shannon, our babysitter, too but I forgot.

Also, when I was putting away our food shipment I had to reorganize the pantry and pull out anything we just don't plan to eat. We had a bunch of cans of red chili beans that none of us like, so I boxed them up and gave them away to friends. We also gave away several boxes of rice and Hot Wheels cereal because there is just not enough room in our pantry and we can't eat it fast enough. Two of our friends, after hearing about what a great deal this food bank is, asked us to pick up an extra whole or half shipment for them next month so they can try it out. It's great being able to share all this food and still know that we're getting an incredible bargain on all of it.

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