Monday, March 03, 2008

New Bed, Old Bed

Who moved Latte and Bunny's bunk bed downstairs to Gloria's room?! Wait, that's not their bed, it's just a duplicate.

Yes, Gloria finally got her wish since our tax returns arrived Friday. We bought the bed and assembled half of it Sunday night before Daniel left for work. The older girls and I finished it together.

Gloria's princess bedding stayed on the bottom bunk and she got to pick out new pink & camo bedding for her top bunk. She loves having the top bunk. Danya has always had the top since we bought her bed when she was three. Gloria has been begging us to get her a bunk bed since we moved here a year ago. She's also been asking more recently when we're going to provide her with a roommate. I think she's feeling a bit left out since Penny arrived and is sharing a room with Danya. At least now when we have guests staying the night (like Shannon and Sarah) they can sleep in Gloria's room instead of on the couch. Tonight Gloria, Danya, and Penny are having a sleepover in Gloria's room.


Delaina said...

Looks like the girls have a great setup and you have it all well thought out. I'm glad to hear that you're having so much fun with the new members of your family. I pray that God will continue to bless all of you!!

EquineSpirit said...

Another awesome looking bedroom! My oldest DS would LOVE the camo...he's a HUGE fan of that pattern! :)