Sunday, March 23, 2008

If at First you don't get Eggs...

Saturday morning we got everyone up and dressed and drove out to Northglenn for their annual Easter egg hunt. Their advertisments claimed there were 10,000 eggs. I'm guessing they didn't anticipate thousands of kids arriving. They divided it by age group and still there were massive numbers of kids and their parents gathered around each egg zone. Our kids were in the third row back and still didn't get a single egg.

Penny got knocked down and run over by the horde of people rushing for the eggs. Someone took pity on her standing there crying and gave her two eggs. I don't want to focus on some of the extreme mean spiritedness we saw that morning. Instead I'll just say that I was very proud of how all six of our kids handled their disappointment and the overwhelming situation.

We went home and decided to let them all help fill the plastic eggs we'd bought them and then hunt for them a day early. The two younger girls hunted for their eggs in their bedroom while the three older ones searched for theirs in the living room and kitchen. Kevin missed out because it was nap time.

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