Sunday, March 16, 2008

Something About Six

Strangely enough, these past few weeks have been really good. We've got more kids than we've ever had before and our schedule is crazier than ever before, but we are all feeling more peaceful than ever before. There's something about having a large family that requires you to just relax and let go a little.

We bought all five girls matching blue outfits for $3 a piece at Toys R' Us the other day when we were shopping for a new toy box for Latte and Bunny's room. We had just gotten them all washed, dressed, and hair done. Daniel led them out to the front yard to take photos of them just as Latte announced that she'd had an accident. Instead of letting Daniel help her while staying clean, she made a huge mess of the bathroom and ruined her entire outfit.

Normally this would have been cause for major drama at our house, but this time we both just shrugged it off, cleaned it up, and let her get new clothes on for the picture. So she doesn't match. So what? We still got an adorable photo of our kids and even managed to have Shannon take a few with us in it, too. It seems that just when we needed Him the most, we are figuring out how to fully rely on God's grace and peace to get us through. We're learning not to sweat the small stuff...and it's amazing how much of it is really small stuff after all.


cami said...

I am just loving your new big family, and the stories on your blog! What a blessing you guys are to kids who really need it.

Melissa said...

Hi, I stumbled across your blog awhile back. We are a foster/adoptive family as well. How do you get the circles on your pictures to block the faces? Love your blog.

Jess said...

You can add the circles in Microsoft Paint or any photo editing software. It's just a shape drawing tool.

I'm glad you enjoy the blog! It really has grown a lot from my original idea of just posting some of my scrapbooking pages, lol. If you look through the archives listed on the left you can find the very beginning of our homeschooling adventure all the way through now. I hope blogger still exists a decade from now so that I can document my kids progress all the way through graduation.

Jess said...

I meant to say "listed on the RIGHT" not left.