Saturday, March 15, 2008

Doubly Blessed

This foster parent co-op food pantry that we've been participating in has been such a blessing to us the past couple of months. We started back in November and weren't really sure what we were getting in to. We've grown to really love it.

Not only is it exciting to show up each month and find out what will be on the truck, but it's been really good to know there is always something in the pantry at meal times. This month we got things like fruit drinks, fruit snacks, Ritz mini cheese crackers, cereal, canned soups, tuna, toaster struedel, potatos, salad, sliced mixed veggies, canned peaches, fresh carrots, and more all for just under $40. We're still eating the fish and other good stuff we got last month!

We help unload the pallets full of food from the truck and divide them up so that we get to set aside our items first, getting to choose ours ahead of those who just show up to get their food and leave. That way I get to exchange something like refried beans for a can of tuna if I don't like what's in our box. We found out this month that if someone doesn't show up to get their food by 1pm then anyone who is still there can buy it. So this month we got a double order! My cabinets and pantry are bursting at the seams! We were definitely doubly blessed this month.

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