Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Not Exactly Picasso

Okay, so it's not great art. It did however make the kids happy today. They cut the ears out of one paper plate and stapled them to another. After giving them bunny faces, they took their masks and hippity hopped all over the house yelling, "boing! boing!"

If I was a really cool mom or if I felt better right now I might have let them paint the plates before cutting them. But I'm not, and I don't, so we didn't. We may not have super amazing bunny art to hang, but despite feeling under the weather today I still managed to:
1. Return library books
2. Buy a giant cork bulletin board
3. Do multiple loads of laundry
4. Cook
5. Give three little ones a bath
6. Attend praise band practice
7. Be an AWANA leader (including being "IT" for Freeze Tag)
8. Make a card for the card swap
9. Homeschool four girls
10. Lots of other things too dinky to count

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