Monday, March 03, 2008

Reading Readiness

Bunny and Latte are both becoming interested in the idea of reading more and more lately. They've been watching the Leap Frog Letter Factory videos and can recognize most of the letters of the alphabet. We've also been working with them on letter sounds. Latte still gets confused somewhat and will say things like, "Buh...buh...buh...Mommy!" Then we'll try to get her to make the "Mmmm" sound. I'm trying not to rush them since they aren't quite four yet.

Kevin has started bringing them books and demanding that they read it to him. Probably because they are the least busy and the most likely to say yes. Of course, maybe it's that Bunny is pretty good at making up stories to go along with the pictures. Today she held this weather book up and asked me, "What do this says?" There was a picture of a snowman so I just told her that it said snowman. She happily went on inventing a whole plot line for Kevin.

Today in the library we played on the alphabet rug in the kids' area. We jumped on the letters that our names begin with. Then we marched around it singing the alphabet song while stepping on the letters. Latte and Bunny are both so smart. I figure as long as they're with us we might as well give them a good foundation in the basics.


Delaina said...

That's such a sweet picture. My son would always follow one of us around with a book and ask us to read it when he was just a little lad. I knew very early on that he would be quite the reader and he is.

EquineSpirit said...

Awwwww...cute pic!